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Daxxify Treatments in Roswell

daxxify injections roswell


Wellspring Skincare is the first to offer Daxxify treatments in Roswell. Daxxify (aka Daxxi) is an FDA approved neurotoxin developed by Revance for the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. It is an innovative product, and the first major advancement in neuromodulator technology in 30 years!

Our patients have loved their Daxxify results, but individual results WILL vary, so to help you decide if Daxxify is right for you, we offer a reduced "Try It" price for all first time Daxxify patients at Wellspring Skincare! Try your first Daxxify experience near Roswell, GA.

Why Choose Daxxify Injections?

Daxxify is designed to be a longer lasting neurotoxin, with a median duration of six months in clinical trials. So if you wish your neurotoxin lasted longer, consider Daxxify treatments. Further, all neurotoxins are different, so if you have tried other toxins and did not like your results, Daxxify may be right for you. Get in touch with us or schedule your consultation today!

Why Wellspring for Daxxify

Wellspring Skincare is a boutique Med Spa in Roswell, GA. We focus our efforts on providing excellent patient outcomes and experiences. As a boutique Med Spa, we want to be your skin care partner and guide you along your skin care journey. And Daxxify injections are no different. At Wellspring, we will evolve your neurotoxin treatments, particularly if you are new to medical grade skincare. We will consult with you about your experience, preferences, and budget to create a Daxxify treatment that is appropriate for you. 

Is Daxxify More Expensive?

Daxxify treatments at Wellspring are priced per area treated, these areas include reduced wrinkles in your glabella (between the eye brows), frontalis (forehead), and crows feet. On average, Daxxify can last 2 times longer than other neurotoxins, but Daxxify is only 1.5 times the cost! So the savings can come from reduced treatments, with a larger up front cost. So no Daxxi is not more expensive, but it costs more. To help you decide if Daxxify is right for you, we offer a reduced "Try It" price for all first time Daxxify patients! You can experiment to see if you like the results and Daxxify is your match made in heaven!

The Daxxify Difference

Daxxify is the first and only neuromodulator stabilized with Peptide Exchange Technology™ (PXT) and is free of both human serum albumin and animal-based components. Most importantly, Daxxi has the ability to address duration of treatment effect, which sets it apart from existing neuromodulators. Clinical trials show the median effective duration of Daxxify was six months. You read that right, six months, with some patients lasting up to nine months! We are also noticing improvements in skin quality and texture!



daxxify injections roswell

Treatment Type: Injections

daxxify injections roswell

Appointment Duration: 15 min 

daxxify injections roswell

Treatment Discomfort: 1/10 

daxxify injections roswell

Downtime: None

daxxify injections roswell

Treatment Frequency: Every 4-9 Months

daxxify injections roswell


All of the same areas as traditional neurotoxins including:

  • Reduces wrinkles in the face

  • Crow's feet

  • Smile lines

  • Neck bands

  • Glabella (11s)

  • Forehead wrinkles

  • Lip flip

  • Down turned smile

  • Masseters (lower face sliming)

Daxxify has shows tremendous results in clinical data. The 50% of subjects studied showed results lasing 6 months, with some patients lasting nine months! To learn more about the science behind Daxxify, check out our blog post. Daxxify by Revance: The Revolutionary Neurotoxin Transforming Skincare

daxxify injections roswell
daxxify injections roswell



daxxify injections roswell

Check in after three weeks to determine if further treatment is required.

daxxify injections roswell

Enjoy your smooth, de-wrinkled outc

daxxify injections roswell

Schedule your next appointment for 6 months out.


daxxify injections roswell

Do not massage the area for 2 hours.

daxxify injections roswell

Don't wear a hat or headband for 2 hours.

daxxify injections roswell

Don't sweat for the rest of the day.

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