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For radiant, clear skin.

Facials in Roswell, GA


Facials are a great place to start your skin care journey. Whether you want a simple maintenance regimen, or need corrections, we are here to help! We offer a variety of tiers based on your needs, and can always create a customized facial just for you!

Facials are great for:

  • Acne

  • Roseaca

  • Congested skin

  • Fine lines/wrinkles

  • Dehydrated skin

  • Hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone

  • Before an event

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Express Facial

30 min - $95

Need a deep clean but short on time? Get in, get cleaned, get on with your day with the express facial.

Custom Facial

75 min - $235

A facial specifically designed for your unique skin care needs. Speak with our skin care experts about your concerns and aspirations, and we will design a custom facial just for you! This will include a unique combination of masks, serums, cleansers and products that will work well for your skin type and concerns. This facial is also a great option if you're overwhelmed by the other choices or are new to facials!

Teen Facial

60 min - $150

Designed specifically for teenage boys and girls going through skin changes. We utilize products and treatments to deeply cleanse pores, clear congested skin, calm redness, reduce the appearance of scars while actively treating and preventing breakouts. We move on to extractions, both manually and with our ultrasonic scrubber. If extensive extractions are needed, those will be added on separately.

Signature Facial

75 min - $235

We start with a deep cleanse, followed by a lymphatic massage which increases blood supply and decreases congestion (and because it feels really, really good). If blemishes are a concern, we use steam and an ultrasonic skin scrubber. Your skin will then receive an exfoliation to reveal your glowing self. At this point, we will probably have to wake you up from your beauty sleep and apply hot towels, a mask and finishing products.


45 min - $185

DiamondGlow Facials leave you with glowing, clean, exfoliated skin. We start your face with a deep cleanse & lymphatic massage. We then move on to the DiamondGlow facial which utilizes a microdermabrasion device to manually exfoliate the top layer of skin, while infusing serums into the deeper layers of skin. We have over 6 serums to choose from based on your concerns and goals. After you are radiant, we apply finishing products and you are on your way.

Delux Facial

120 min - $295

This is our most comprehensive facial. This package includes everything from our Signature Facial, PLUS a dermaplane to manually exfoliate and remove peach fuzz, leaving your skin feeling soft and allowing those expensive products to better absorb to your deeper layers of skin. We also add on our Celluma light therapy which reduces wrinkles, calms inflammation, and even increases endorphins.

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