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PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift

for tighter, lifted skin

A PDO thread lift is referred to as a "nonsurgical face lift" or a "lunch time lift". The procedure is used to lift and tighten the skin using threads made of polydioxaone (PDO).

In addition to an instant lift, over time, the sutures dissolve and are replaced by collagen, giving you long lasting results. While results are immediate, you will continue to see improved results for 4-6 weeks. The procedure takes 15-30 minutes and has no down time. The sutures are absorbed after 6 months but results typically last 1-2 years.

Schedule a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for a PDO Thread Lift.

PDO Effect

At the time of this photo, the patient had received upper and lower face thread lifts. You can see the instantaneous results in contrast to the untreated right side!


PDO Thread Lifts do wonders to address sagging skin, due to natural aging, leaving you with a higher cheek, reduced labial folds (smile lines), a tighter jaw profile, and fewer wrinkles!

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